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Katakura WBLC learn Dutch at your tempo

Katakura WBLC, for the best lessons to learn Dutch. Get to talk Dutch in a matter of weeks, we have the best teachers to make sure you learn our beautiful language. Learn Dutch, even though most Dutch people speak English. Yes, it is possible to survive in the Netherlands without speaking any Dutch. But if you don’t want to feel like a tourist, you should try to learn some Dutch. Don’t you feel awkward when a group of Dutch people are speaking English just because of you? The Dutch will appreciate it if you try to speak the language (although they will most likely reply in English if they hear an accent). And wouldn’t it be fun to understand your Dutch colleagues when they are gossiping during lunch break? Exactly! Learn Dutch at Katakura WBLC.

Katakura WBLC Dutch learning schools

Katakura WBLC for learning Dutch and providing yourself with that much needed knowledge of the Dutch language. You are unique and your language training at Katakura WBLC will be the same – just for you. For many years, our central focus has been providing a personal approach, quality and flexibility. You can contact us for learning the Dutch language, language need (such as writing or speaking) at one of our two beautiful locations in Amsterdam. Based on a comprehensive intake, we propose lessons for you tailored to your budget, needs and available time. This ensures you get the Dutch course that suits you best! Get to know our teachers, call us and make sure you get in touch with our people. Katakura WBLC has room for everyone.

Katakura WBLC learning

Katakura WBLC would love to learn you the Dutch language. Sign up today!